Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Difference between Setup Project and Click Once Deployment?

Hello Friends,
In our day to day life, we often need to deploy our latest build to our client in C#.Net.
Microsoft .Net provides mainly two types of deployment processes:
1. Setup Project
2. Click Once Deployment Project

Now, developers need to identify when and where we should use one of the above deployment technology according to deployment requirement.
So, kindly find below mention points for our understanding:
When To Use Click Once Deployment:
ClickOnce is a new deployment technology that Microsoft developed to address several problems with deployment namely

  1. Difficulty in providing regular updates
  2. The inability of nonadministrative users to install applications
  3. The dependence of multiple programs on shared components
  4. Installation folder will be isolated storage

ClickOnce deals with all of these problems and allows you to create a deployment strategy that is easily updateable, isolated from other applications, and installable by nonadministrative users.

When to use the Setup Project:

Although ClickOnce provides simple and easy deployment for a variety of applications, you
might need a more configurable environment for complex programs. Setup projects allow you to create highly confi gurable deployment plans.

  1. Allows you to create the directories on the target computers
  2. Windows Service installation
  3. Registry Modifications during installation
  4. Execute Custom Actions during installation
  5. Copy files to target machine


Paras Sanghani